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Hey guys. As some of you might already know I am one of the responders for @kpopINT along with @xoxrlwoxo. If you don't know yet, kpopINT is a new station run by @bbyitskatie @MichelleIbarra The stations bring you a wide variety of K-Music. You can hear some of your favorites and maybe even find some new favorite.
My job at kpopINT is a lot of fun. I'm one of the responders along with @xoxorlwoxo ! As a responder I'm here to help you guys by answering any questions you might have!
So please don't be shy and ask away I'm happy to help. You can find me here, on kpopINT as Sky or at any of my personal communications. Instagram: professor-river-song Twitter: LenaBlackRose Kakao: SklyarSong96 Line: skylarsong96 Kik: lenablackrose