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So yesterday afternoon I went and bought sticky notes and yellow roses for Jessica and I went to her school before she got out and wrote out "prom?" in sticky notes on the hood of her car and gave her the roses. She was walking out of cheer when she saw me which she didn't expect and when she saw her car for the first time, she was ecstatic and ran into my arms and did one of those jump hugs everyone desires and needs. Luckily she said yes to prom and I can't wait to take her. I'm honestly surprised the sticky notes stayed on because it was extremely windy yesterday where I live. Couldn't have asked for a better date. @nicolejb
Thank you all so much. And I'll keep you guys updated.
Perfect! Have a great time!!!!!!!! Great idea!!!!
Awww that is soo adorable!! Have an amazing prom night!
YOUR DATE'S LICENSE PLATE IS PANDA. Does she need a best friend? She is definitely awesome lol
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