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Everyone wants a bright smile.

When I say bright, I don't mean yellow. There are so many teeth whitening and brightening products on the market that ensure teeth white as snow, but they're either a sham or they cost an arm and a leg.
Well, today happens to be your lucky day because these makeup tricks are not only affordable, but they guarantee a whiter teeth. *cues oh, happy day* Get to scrolling because you'll want at least one of these products in your possession stat.

Throw Some Color On Those Lids

As much as you dread eyeshadow, adding a pop of color to your eyes will bring the attention away from your mouth focusing more so on your eyes.

Grab A Bronzer

Believe it or not contouring your face with a bronzer will ensure a brighter smile. The key is to use a matte bronzer against your foundation resulting in a healthy and beautiful glow.

Contour Your Lips

There's so much more to contour these days then just your lips. Adding a touch of concealer around your lips after applying a lip product will not only make your lips appear more fuller, but it will always have your smile on fleek.

Vaseline Is Good For More Than Just Chapped Lips

I bet you never thought to put a coat of petroleum jelly on your teeth. As odd as it may sound, this beauty hack fits stains and gives your teeth a bit of a shine.

Always Wear A Blue Based Red

The great thing about blue based reds is that they create a whiter smile opposed to colors like pinks and oranges that usually make your teeth appear more yellow.

What do you do to keep your teeth white as snow?

Leave any tips and tricks below.
I use whitening toothpaste too but I have tried add baking soda +hydrogen peroxide in toothpaste once. its taste weird. haha but using charcoal powder is traditional way and better among other tips. I usually use non orange base lipstick color for that purpose
Baking soda in toothpaste!! I haven't used it a whole lot, but I heard it works wonders!
That's always a simple and great resolution for sure! @MyAffairWith
These are great tips! I tend to just use a good whitening toothpaste for whiter teeth. :D
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