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In honor of dancer's week, I decided to make my first card dedicated to our unicorn Lay. He's not my bias from EXO, but I would like to show you why this angel is actually a demon.
First let's talk about his smile. It's so adorable and you feel as if an angel got its wings when you see his dimples. Truly his smile makes any day better.
Then when you thought he was nothing but a ball of fluff, he hits you with these facial expressions and starts showing off his body. Like excuse you, you're supposed to stay in your lane.
And his dancing!!!
I just...
Just stop....or continue forever
How are these two the same person?
I just can't win with boy. @kpopandkimchi all credits of videos goes to their owners
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I just love him 😍😍😍😍
i love Kai so much but Lay is a bit more of a sexy dancer then him.