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I really feel like I need to say this...I'm just so happy to be in this fandom. To me, this fandom is like having a second family. When I first got into BTS, I really didn't think any of their fans liked me, and I didn't have any friends at all. But now I know more people here and I'm comfortable. I really do NOT want to leave this fandom, because I feel like I belong here. I mean, with this fandom, I have had good moments, bad moments, sad moments, memories good and bad, and I've been through some stuff here. I've cried and laughed. And the memories I made here are irreplaceable. So I want to say, THANK YOU ALL. I appreciate every single one of you (weather I know you or not) and I am SO happy to be here.
Thank You.
- Taina
Same. I love how whenever I run into Armys in the comments section of yt videos they are always so sweet and everyone on here is too ❤️👏
I know how you feel. I'm so glade to be part of BTS Fandom. Just being an ARMY and feeling of belonging to a family like makes my day.