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Hey, I know I've disappered for a while and haven't posted because of school and family stuff. But funny thing I got back in touch with my korean Penpal and she explained my Korean age to me.
So if you didn't know when you're born in Korea you are already a year old (what I already knew) then after the new year you turn another year old.
So I'm born in August 24, 1998 Now how she explained it to me On August 24, 1998 in Korea I was 1 year old On January 1, 1998 I turned 2 years old On August 24, 1999 I turned 3 years old. Then from their I only aged on my actual birthday so I'm still 3 on January 1, 2000.
I didn't really understand why I was 19 in Korea but now I understand. Just posted it for people who may have not known or understand. I heard my age from my friend but never really understanded it.
I promise to post more and if anyone wants I'll post pictures from the exo concert and I may be going to the AOMG concert with my mom next month. She likes Jay Park for some reason.
@OhltsJas she read the translation and said "it's fire". I'm just wondering what mother us okay with that
"She likes Jay Park for some reason" 😂👏 if my mom knew the translations idk if she would let me listen to Kpop in front of her again