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I was a bird flying high before my wings were cut Now the clouds are walking ahead on my rebut Being the leaf I was blown away from my branch And now I'm swimming alone rendered with the cranch Far away from the eyes, I was the drop of broken tears I longed for her to hold and be with her till my last years Looking into my heart, I found you going away And the numb void wrapped me like a prey Nothing is that I can do right now As I'm on a sinking boat without the row I was lost like a child in your smile That I had been killing myself to make a futile The search for hope is lost in the darkness And pain is laughing to leave me heartless Everytime I breathe, I take it again And agony fills me up to the brim But my soul is flying to clear the sky Trying to guide me to a better zenith As I can beat again and live to watch the heavens As right now I'm all lost and dead But the love can't die, can remain a shred Hope will be casted upon me and I'll heal my wings As the angel will fly with me up till the heaven The devil could kill my all and make me a ghoul But hope and love brought me back to my soul With she being gone, I killed my heart And now I'm burning in the world apart
I can relate to this alot, there is something that I did to help with this
I was lost like a child in your smile --- I like that line a lot. I know that feeling too well
oh. I'm glad to know that my emotions can be related to others too :)