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Welcome to the Chi.

In a little over a month I will be in Chicago. It was an impulse buy and I am so glad that I randomly purchased a ticket. It's been a long two years since I hopped on a plane anywhere and honestly, I've never been more ready than I am at this very moment.
While I'll be traveling during the brink of spring, the Chi is known for it's chilly weather.
With that being said I have been trying to compile a list of essential pieces of clothing I need to bring with me in order to be both warm and stylish. Packing can be rather stressful, but I think I have five days worth of necessary pieces for the most part. Plus, who doesn't love to mix and match pieces? Keep scrolling to see my must haves that I plan to pack with me for my random yet adventurous trip.

The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is literally a spring staple. It's not too cold, but it's still chilly enough to throw on one of these babies and they literally make any outfit look amazing. This will definitely come in handy on those cold Chicago nights.

The Denim Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are literally everything. They are simple pieces of clothing that can easily bring a look together.

The Bomber Jacket

I've been drooling over a silk bomber for the past couple of seasons and what better time to have one in ones possession then the spring? When you don't feel like wearing a leather jacket throw on the bomber, it brings a feminine appeal to the look, especially if you throw on a cute pair of heels or booties.

The Leather Cap

I'm a huge fan of hats and the leather hat is the perfect accessory for any look. If you're throwing on a simple white t-shirt with denim and need something to set it off, throw on a leather cap. Not only is it stylish, but it will also keep your hair in place.

The Boyfriend Jeans

Because you can never go wrong with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Simply put.

What must have piece(s) would you pack?

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I just got into caps recently, so I definitely get it :) @humairaa
5 day stay I missed your might on the town outfit/special occasion. You know, where we may want to go super glam. It's an essential outfit that is always in my travel bag.
I definitely should've added a night on the town fit! @EasternShell
You're going to look amazing wherever you go. Safe travels.
Awww thank you so very much!! @EasternShell