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Okay, I might be just a little too obsessed with Mew...
In honor of Pokémon's 20th anniversary, I saw some promoted pokemon stuff on ebay that hit me right in the childhood. This Ancient Mew card from the release of Pokémon 2000 (the one with Lugia), those golden burger king cards from the first movie release, and all other kinds of swag up for sale.
So I jumped and picked this up, because I have no impulse control and I really love Mew way too much. This is the design my Mew tattoo is taken from.
Maybe I should get the back of the card on the other leg...
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I had one of these when I went to go see the movie ....not exactly sure where it is now however.
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I used to have an ancient new no fucking way
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I had this card I traded it for some japanese cards
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I have lugia
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