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When someone or something tells us we can't do it, move it out of the way! Succeed!

@marshalledgar you shouldn't feel bad that your not where they are, instead use that as a motivation. do whatever it takes to get to that level and if you know someone with that same goal have them motivate you. all it really takes is the right motivation 馃憤
Ah, I think I understand what you mean. We are our worst critiques. I think it's okay to have idols, but we should compete with yesterday selves, rather than comparing ourselves with people who have been working their asses off for years (and prolly have a lot of professional assistance) You're right....9 months is barely scratching the surface. We all gotta start somewhere...even our idols were once beginners !!!
My problem is ME! I look at others (and their incredible fitness physiques), and think--WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME THAT I'M NOT THERE YET. Then I remind myself that these guys have been at it for 4-5+ years. I've barely scratched the surface at 9 months.
@jordanhamilton yes we are!!!
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