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I am a sucker for unlikely best friend pairings and this particular best friend pair is one of the best ones I've ever seen.

Meet Kumbali and Kago, the best of friends!

Meet Kumbali.

Cheetah Kumbali was the runt of his litter when he was born in the Metro Richmond Zoo. However, the handlers started noticing something strange. While Kumbali's siblings were gaining weight, Kumbali began losing weight. Kumbali's mother only had 2 of 8 working nipples, so the zoo handlers pulled Kumbali to be hand fed. Kumbali began gaining weight but he was pretty lonely. He needed a companion.

Enter Kago.

Kago's human owners abandoned him and The Art of Paws rescued him from a kill shelter in Alabama. The Metro Richmond Zoo then adopted him from a cooperating rescue organization. The zoo keepers thought that Kago would be the perfect companion that Kumbali needed.
And now Kago and Kumbali are best friends.
Watch this amazing video to see their first meeting and how they interact. It's so adorable! You can watch more of their adventures, including when they meet penguins, on the Metro Richmond Zoo website.

What an amazing story of the best of friends!

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of course i have a cat and a dog and they get along cheetahs are in the cat family
@animaniafreak yep!!! The videos of them together are almost too cute to handle!
They are so cute together! Is that a Labrador?