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Hi Vingle Advice buddies. I have an anonymous Vingler who reached out to me and is asking for a little bit of love advice!! If you could respond and help her out that would be amazingly helpful!
Here's a bit of context: We met through mutual friends. His friend is my friends boyfriend. We met back around the 4th of July. And we typically spend one night together each week. We bonded over our love of the same music. We've been to a bunch of concerts together.
Here's the situation: We have lots of fun together and we're pretty close. I've told him stuff that I haven't told like anyone. I wanna take things to the next step and I brought up how I feel the pressure to get into a relationship. And he told me just to do whatever I think is right based on me not what anyone else thinks. And he mentioned that he doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to relationships either.
And I'm having the same trouble not knowing if I should initiate something with a guy I've been hanging out/going on dates with. Like part of me wants more but I don't know how to bring it up to him. Or if I should just wait for him (although I think that'll be a long time).

What do you think??

Well.. This a bit different, since in my experience I've never approached nor initiated any guys to have our friendship to move on to another level (being lovers). So, this is just my opinion... How about asking him directly what he considers the two of you as? Just plain friends, or something more special? Or maybe ask what he'd feel if the relationship progresses to more than friends or has he ever thought of that at all.
first off good advice from the dude secondly its as he said it's for you to decide whether or not to get together now I think that you have to really ask yourself what do you want to be for him
This is tricky because people normally think the girl won't make the move. Which is why I think it's the perfect thing to do. You need to make him understand where you're at in this relationship and get where he is as well. And if y'all are at the same point, it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask him out. But if he needs more time then give him a week or two. Guys get conflicted about things just like girls do. I may be young, but a lot of times I happen to know what I'm talking about. Wisdom doesn't come from age, it comes from maturity and having a want for it. My advice. Figure at where y'all are at and decide from there if it's better to wait a little longer or pursue the relationship now
just tell him how you feel. if you don't voice our your opinion you can't complain. the worst that can happen is what, you two don't hang out anymore? you have nothing to lose..really
@momattheword that's actually a really great point. I think sometimes women don't move forward too because they think the guy is supposed to lead. I think it should be a combo of both!!! YES @altiar620al and @1FallenAngel communication is SO KEY!!
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