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Fantasy baseball is on the way, which means many peoples favorite part of the season: draft preparation!
Lets start with potential first round guys. I know, everyone says "you should know exactly who you want first," but that's not always the case. Sometimes you can get caught in one of those tricky spots that force you to grab a player out of your scheme.
Let's start with a bonafide talent in Giancarlo Stanton. Clearly a talented guy with upside, but there are a lot of factors that could effect where he is drafted.
Is he a top five pick this year in fantasy leagues?
At 26 years old, Stanton is in the prime of his career.
At 6-6, and 250 pounds, Stanton is a dominant force of power and bat speed at the plate. With that being said, he only played 74 games last year due to injury, so where do we take him?
Lets look at the numbers from the year before: 2015, 288 avg, 37 homeruns and 105 RBI. Those are great numbers. But if you beneath the surface, are they as good as they should be?
Normally a guy that hits 37 homeruns that hits in the heart of the lineup should tally more than 105 RBI. The problem is that Miami has struggled to put talent around him. Last year they added Dee Gordon, who was an on base machine, but he missed the majority of the year.
Stanton has the power to provide gaudy numbers, but he will be a victim of the players around him. The question is, can guys get on base before him to allow the RBI numbers to raise and force pitchers to throw at him?
I don't know. Personally, I would edge away from Mike, unless he floated near the bottom 10. I feel like you could get better value from guys on better teams around that spot.

What do you think, Is Giancarlo Stanton worth a top five pick in fantasy baseball?

I rather take Bryce Harper or Mike Trout over Stanton this year.
Well I'm gonna be biased here...but Posey def makes my list haha
@davidgom who are your top five bats?
@duckthefodgers which is my greatest fear with these power guys, they spend a lot of time on the shelf
@mchylang I would too, and Andrew mcchuten
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