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Original Card & Tagged by: @jessicaacosta90 Ikon is still a newer group to me so this game should be interesting on many lvls for me, lol.
No worries, I'm not made of glass. *smiles*
Are you alright? *Looks at the others* Does he always make that noise?
1. *Hides face as I blush (I don't take compliments well)* Awwww! You're adorable! 2. *Still hiding face* Th-thank you, but please stop I'm no different than anyone else. 3. *Glances up briefly* **Oh goody I'm not the only shy one**
*Pretty self-explanatory here, these two have caught my eye*
*Calm down before you hurt yourself dude*
That one was pretty easy *smiles*
Impressive! Y'all pay attention.
*Whoever it is better be slow & stupid. I really need to upgrade my security system.*
B.I. and Bobby ehhh hehehe
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lol why my two bias are two face bitches
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