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How amazing would it be to have a dog this big?! Just imagine curling up next to the big ball of fur every night! Unfortunately, this isn't actually the size of this dog — the owner photoshops him to be that big.

It's time to meet Chris Cline and Juji!

Meet Chris Cline and Juji.

This is the actual size of Chris Cline and his goldendoodle, Juji. They live in Minnesota with Cline's girlfriend. Cline is an illustrator and decided it would be cool to start a project where he digitally enhances the photos to make his dog much bigger than him.

His photos took off.

He originally just intended for the photos to be seen by his family and friends online and to give them a laugh. But, the pictures quickly went viral. Cline now has 37,000 followers on Instagram.
Cline now does the digital enhancing for other pet owners and their best friends. How amazing are these pictures?

These pictures are just so amazing and beautiful!

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2 years ago·Reply
@animaniafreak hahaha that was my exact thought process too! I was like oh this would be cool if my cats were this size and then I was like oh wait.... They would totally eat me hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
Cool photoshop experiment. I actually bet I could do this!! it doesn't look too* complicated! haha
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb you should try it!!! I was thinking the same thing and I might try to do it with my cat :)
2 years ago·Reply
@JordanNash ohh yeah!! like giant kitties taking over! I could live in that world
2 years ago·Reply