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No Man's Sky, also known as the most ambitious indie game (I think I'm the only one that calls it that) finally has an official release date and, well, it's a lot sooner that I initially thought. The game is coming out on June 21st, 2016. Sean Murray from Hello Games recently put up a post on the Playstation blog that outlines more information about the game.
One of the more interesting pieces of information in the post had to do with the fact that "there are alien races" that you can communicate with throughout your journey. And honestly this kind of information gets me excited for what the actual game might be. I'm not really sure of anything going on in the game, other than the fact that the world is procedurally generated and it'll take you billions of years to see everything in the artificial galaxy Hello Games created for you.
The other interesting bit of news is that it's also getting a full retail release as well. And that'll be priced at 60 bucks. A few people on the Internet seem to be upset that this infinite galaxy exploration video game is so expensive. But also there's a whole fucking galaxy for you to explore. So, maybe we're getting the game on the cheap?
Also, I left last year's trailer for you to enjoy just in case you forgot what the game looks like.
No Man's Sky will be in stores on June 21st, 2016 for PC and PS4
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can't wait to try this game out just the fact that you can leave one planet to another without loading is awsome and each one is different as well