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I struggle with sharing things. Honestly, I'm the WORST person to tell you about my love life, my experience, etc. I'm MUCH better at listening. But I also recognize that listening is easy. It's an easier way for me to deal with life then having to share my feelings. It's easier to get by in life by pretending everything is ok.
That's why I've been so inspired by some of the people here on Vingle who are brave enough to share their life stories, questions and to admit they need help. Because that requires true bravery.
I've also had some people reach out to me in DM (which I appreciate!) sharing stories. But I just wanted to let you know it's OK to share with the community. And here's why...

1. It's Anonymous!

Yes, you have a username and a bio, but that's all we know about you! You can share bits about your life, but you can only chose to share what I want to.
You don't have to share everything, but if I do chose to share everything it doesn't come back to you. Take comfort in know that, relish in that.

2. We are a Support Group Here

With a whole host of Love Guru's and people in the community willing to help, you can feel like we are a mini love support group here. We want to help, and we appreciate people sharing their situations. Plus, you never know if someone is going through the same thing that can help you out!
We have community guidelines in case people forget how to be a support group. These can help you feel more comfortable in sharing.

3. It's Really Easy.

Some of you might be like, "No way sharing my feelings is NOT easy." And trust me! I KNOW it's not. But in terms of just writing everything down-- that's easy. Just write it ALL out, and share it in the community! And here are two ways you can do that:
1. Create a card and title it with a Q so we know you need help! Share it with the Love & Relationship Community.
2. Write all your feelings out in the TALK feature on Vingle. Add: #LoveAdvice so we can see you need help.
So whether you want to hear some good news, you a struggling with a relationship problem, or just need someone to hear your thoughts. You can feel comfortable knowing all these things about the Vingle community:)

Thanks to all those that share themselves here, and for being so supportive by helping those that share!

Awww haha @1FallenAngel work seems to make you fried all over!! I'm sorry to hear that!
And you've been so awesome at helping other people and sharing your own stuff :D @angeldevil69
I love this app❤️
Totally @VanessaSimmons I tried to remember what it was like when I was first here too, and I was a little worried about what to share!
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