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Jose Abreu, Fantasy' Baseball's Next Big Star
More fantasy baseball news on the way!
Next up is a player I feel is way too low on many fantasy baseball radars: Jose Abreu.
While ESPN has him ranked at 21, based on the guys they have above him, I think he will finish way higher than that mark.
In his second full MLB season, Abreu (29) hit 30 homeruns for 101 RBI. He also posted a spectacular on base percentage of 347. The year before that, even better at 383.
Basically this is a guy who can not only hit for power, but has great plate discipline. These are the guys you want in fantasy baseball. When he's not knocking them out the park, he's nabbing singles or walks. Reminds me a lot of Joey Votto in his prime.
While I stray away from power, I have always loved guys who have a solid OBP and RBI tally. They have also improved the talent around him in Chicago, which could mean an uptick in RBI's.
If Abreu is still floating around near pick 13-15, do yourself a favor and grab him. You won't regret it.

Is Jose Abreu a guy you will nab in this years draft? Would you take him over Pollock, Encarnacion or Anthony Rizzo?

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Abreu vs Rizzo. I can't decide between the two haha
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Abreu is definitely going to be the face of the league soon but I would refrain from giving him a top rank this season. Need to watch him for another season or so.
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