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So I was on Soompi and I saw an article talking about how Taemin's, B.A.P, and Astro album on the Billboard World Album Chart!! That's out of the whole word.
Taemin's "Press It" album made it to #2, B.A.P's "Carnival" alum made it to "3" and Astro new mini album "Spring Up" came in 6th on the list as well!!!
Listen To Some Songs On Taemin's Album Title Track: Press Your Number Track 1: Drip Drop
B.A.P Carnival Album Title Track: Carnival Track 3: Feel So Good
Astro's Spring Up Album Title Track: Hide And Seek

Congratulations to Taemin. B.A.P and Astro for this awesome achievement!!!!

BTS is also #10 ♡
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Oh my god my ASTRO bbs! So proud.
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Holy dear llamas.... What is happening on Taemin's album cover???????
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ASTRO 👏 Im so proud
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@yuusa yeah all around the border it was dates of when videos will be released like the drip drop video and stuff but I don't know What the first episode is though
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