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Hello Everyone ^_^ This is my first card so I wanted to do "My Kpop Story" Idk how to do these so bare with me xD
My K-Pop story is a bit confusing because I dont remember much if it at all 😭 and Im not so good with words πŸ˜…πŸ˜ So to start..... Before I knew what K-Pop was I only watched K-Dramas I was about 11yrs old so 3 years ago. My first Drama was Boys Over Flowers 😍 I got obsessed with the song "Because Im Stupid" then I saw that it was by a group called SS501 and I started listening to them more ^-^ but I had enough of their songs and stopped listening to them and started watching more dramas. I only listened to the songs in the dramas. Then in 2014 my tutor (She was my older friend) put on music when she was teaching us and she put on SHINee's Hello all the time so I started listening to them and Started loving Onew xD but I guess I forgot about them too 😁 In January 2015, I started watching "The Return Of Superman" Which the rapper from Epik High, Tablo stars in with his daughter Haru, who loves Jiyong Oppa. When they met I had no idea who G-Dragon was, so I put in "Good Boy" By GD Taeyang. Then like a day after my friend asked me if I knew who Taeyang was and told me to listen to "Eyes, Nose, Lips" so I found out more about him while I was Obsessing over GD. Then I found out that GD ad Taeyang are part of a group called BigBang. But I still really only liked GD.... λΉ…λ±… λ‚΄ μŠ€νƒ€μΌ μ•„λ‹ˆμ•Ό xD So I only listened to GD and still the songs from BOF *€* but them in the summer of 2015 My friend introduced me to................................................................Ready?..................................................................................................BTS!! MY BIAS GROUP 😍😍😍 Ok so I got soooo into BTS, the first vid I watched by them was Boy in Luv (Sang Namja/μƒλ‚¨μž *€*) They are the ones that got me sooo hooked on KPOP after them I started listening to another group, EXO c; I love EXO so much xD I memorized their names so fast ^-^ Ok so then I always listened to English music on pandora and decided to add BTS radio on there and SOOOO many other groups played on their so now I know sooo many groups xD GOT7, BAP, VIXX, B1A4, WINNER, Block B, Super Junior, Shinhwa (And so many more) Also when I got into BTS my friend also told me about Jay Park and I thought he was ok.... I didnt really like him (First vid I saw was Know Your Name) But I kept hearing him on Pandora and started loving him 😍 I also kept confusing his voice with Taeyang πŸ˜‚ whoops, but Im better now ^-^ Ok so now its March 2016 ;D KIM SEOKJIN IS MY HUSBAND OK?!? #SeokJane Bias Group: BTS Debut Group: ASTRO (Bias: Rocky and Bin) Rookie Group: Seventeen (Bias: Jun and Seungkwan) New obsessions: Dean (DδΈ‰β–³N) Actor - Jisoo Actor: Seo Kang Joon Actor: Sung Joon Oh and Zico's voice is so soothing 😭 Oh and I totally forgot why I fell for Jin, for like a few months I was trying to remember but I couldn't and felt so bad ;-; BUT THEN my friend and I were talking about Boy in Luv and I remembered ;D Ill explain in a sec but first.... Ok so when I was choosing a bias in BTS my neice and I usually get tabs of each member and Google images and X off the ones we dont like till theres one standing xD Idk who I X'ed off but she told me I X'ed off Jin once xD (λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ 지기야 γ… γ… ) So anyways She picked V (Thats her husband she will cut you O.O even Im scared of her lmao) But I couldnt pick a bias, so under a loooot of pressure -.- she made me choose, so I'm like "FINE ILL CHOOSE JUNGKOOK" but really I didnt like him xD so anyways back to how I fell for Jindda *€* Ok so in Boy in Luv, Jin sings most of the bridge (or whatever) and I love that part, especially the way he sounds (his voice) but the way he looks when he was singing was so cute like I kept replaying it cuz he looked so gorgeous singing those lines. So I kinda just started liking him over that πŸ˜‚ So then Kookie was still my "bias" and SeokJin was my "bias wrecker" so every time I'd vote for a BTS member I couldn't choose between Kookie or Jin (Hoseok was my 3rd and still is ^-^) so I'd always choose Hobi instead xD I called him my "Bias helper" cx But then I realized..... "I dont even like Jungkook" and JIN KEPT DOING SO MANY ADORABLE THINGS I only payed attention to him xD so then it was decided....... JIN OFFICIALLY.... WRECKED MY BIAS!! (Kookie was unofficial bias) Like Jre (JREKML on youtube) once said.... "You don't choose your bias, YOUR BIAS CHOOSES YOU"
So that was pretty much it xD So long... One more thing, When I was like 7 my sisters watched BOF together but I didnt remember what happened so I watched it myself when I got older, thats how it all started o.o
Ok Im done! Hope you enjoyed ~SeNa μ„Έλ‚˜πŸŒΈ (Jane)
@KAddict Thanks! *O*
Hello! Welcome! Glad to have you here πŸ™‚