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Yes ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to talk about the sweet sugar of seduction. When done right, it allows for a timely transition to the bedroom. Or shower. Or car, kitchen, couch, or wherever the hell you wanna do your thing. Believe it or not, there are body language cues that don't only elicit feelings of attraction, but of sexual desire. These are powerful and you must use them with caution!!! Generally, making eye contact is the way to go. However, as the conversation progresses and your other body language changes. You can start to look at their mouth when they talk. This will progress the mood and help you get it on quick.
@nicolejb I wish I knew why. I just know it works ;)
ohhh I like that!! Why is looking at their lips a good fix? because it makes them think of kissing?
Hahaha sounds like you've had some personal experience with that @BrendanFred I'll trust you on that! :D
When looking down at someone's lips, they start to think of kissing. (visualizing it, emotions fluttering) and that only progresses it more.