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Hey gamers. Yesterday, @poojas prompted us in the video game community with making cards that highlight some of our favorite youtubers or let's players and their videos.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for good gamer videos. I've been a fairly loyal watcher of Zero Punctuation since high school, and when I get excited about new games, I go and watch all kinds of different let's plays and videos about them.
So here's my (unfortunately late) response for Video Wednesday!
My favorite youtuber in the game right now is Dunkey.
I originally started watching Dunkey's league videos, because I enjoy league too much so I seek it out even outside the game. To put it plainly, he's a total dick in-game, but in the funniest ways. League is already a toxic-as-shit environment, and at least Dunkey was able to make that stuff funny.
Then League got all uppity about his stuff and he got banned from the game for a little while, but he ultimately then decide to quit making League videos altogether.
Up there is a video of him playing Super Smash Bros against another popular League youtuber, Sky Williams. You can see how he devastatingly tore Sky a new sphincter in this match.

Honorable Mention - Continue?

These guys play older games, and determine whether or not they're gonna game over or continue the game. Just sitting around making jokes and playing old school titles.
This is probably my favorite of their videos, featuring Johnny Tremain, the schizophrenic space werewolf.
I have this game :0
Thank you for participating in Video Wednesday! No worries about being late. I'm going to check out more of dunkey's stuff!