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I did not take picks of when I was cutting it out and I take a lot of insperachen from Japanese artists and have Reyes develping my own style a lot of my friends think this would be a grate tattoo and I I was a tattoo artist I would have it be a full back piece where the bigest rose is on the left side the other bottom one is on the right side the the middle one would be on the right shoulder blade and the top left one is on the left shoulder and the last one would go up the neck with the skull in the middle of corse
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@TravisSimpkins the hands r my absolute worst. hahaha I have a general idea on how the body should be, but I always mess things up like the overall height & body width (the limbs r usually pretty okay tho). Also, around the shoulder/pit area. I seem 2 have trouble making it look natural, but idek where 2 begin 2 correct it. Seems like all this would b simple 2 fix, yet I have so much trouble actually doing so.
@AtisutoMeru I use a grid system and it helps wonders but I usealy have refencs
@TravisSimpkins I use the grid system with references 4 my realistic work. I do fairly well without a grid on other types of art. The probs Im having r mainly with my OC.
@AtisutoMeru ya that's anowing good luck I am still leading and trying to find my style
@TravisSimpkins thnx. good luck 2 u 2.