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I gotta say for me its Dragon Ball Z
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Fairy Tail. Good concept, poor execution.
2 years ago·Reply
Sword art.. Not the first 12 episodes... But everything after
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swordart online
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@Oxmodius I think Fairy Tail is my favorite Anime right now... although Erza is a stagnated character whenever Jell-douche is involved, but this is just my opinion. @UzumakiJess I liked Kirito in the first Arc... and I liked Gun Gale Online, but that's just because Shinon is my bae... I lost what I wanted to say... mmmmm, Shinon.
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Naruto and Bleach are both highly overrated I feel, and Bleach has too much filler, too many episodes, and too many characters that don't carry my interest, since it's so easy to make a new one.
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