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The next day Kris and Chanyeol walked out of Chanyeol’s room heading to the living room where they saw the others. “Why was he in your room?” Asked Luhan “I didn’t want any of you attacking him so I kept him in my room last night and it’s going to stay that way” Chanyeol said Kris looked at him with surprise wondering why Chanyeol looked so protective of him. Did something happen that he didn’t know about? This made Kris curious. D.O stood up and started walking towards Chanyeol and Kris. Chanyeol pushed Kris behind him in a very protective way that made Kris jump without having Chanyeol notice. D.O crossed his arms and looked at Chanyeol “But Lee Soo-man said Kris has to room alone” said Sehun Chanyeol took in a breath before speaking “I don’t give a fuck about Lee Soo-man. I don’t care what he says. Kris is staying in my room and that’s it. I’m not discussing this anymore. That’s my decision. As the new leader I’ll do as I please.” Chanyeol looked at Suho who glared Chanyeol walked out of the room with Kris behind him. Kris looked at Chanyeol who seemed pissed off, so Kris didn’t say anything since he didn’t want Chanyeol mad at him too. Chanyeol took Kris to a special place in the woods where no one could find them. Only Chanyeol knew where this place was. Now Kris did. “What is this place?” Kris asked as he saw a house at the end of the woods with a lake behind it. Chanyeol turned to look at Kris with a small smile “It’s my hide away house. I come here when I need to be alone” Chanyeol said “Then why am I here when this is a place to go when you want to be alone?” Kris asked being a bit confused Chanyeol looked at Kris “Because I want you to know about it. The others don’t know about this place. I only want to share it with you.” said Chanyeol who seemed tired but was hiding it Kris was surprised that Chanyeol wanted to share this place with him. He never thought Chanyeol would do that. “Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to cause trouble for you” said a concerned Kris “I’m sure Kris. You won’t cause me trouble” Chanyeol said looking at Kris To be continued... Tagging the people who were interested @DestinaByrd @ninjamidori @PrincessUnicorn ((Sorry if I forgot a few))
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