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Ten-Tails vs. Acnologia

Who do you think would win in this battle of giants.
Ten-Tails is said to be the progenitor of all that exists. With no feelings or ideals of its own. Ten-tails has massive reserves of chakra and has the power to bring destruction to the world. With incredible strength and speed it easily dodges attacks. Alone its roar can cause a series of natural disasters. Can alter its body to some extent by regrowing lost limbs. Can be controlled by Madara and Obito by producing tendrils from its head and attaching it to their necks. Believed to be an incarnation of the God Tree. In its tree form its roots is able to extend and capture enemies as large as tailed beasts in order to absorb their chakra. It can also live through its jinchuriki's death.
Acnologia has the ability of Dragon Transformation. Allowing him to switch between human and dragon form at free will. While a dragon his scales can easily brush off the most powerful of attacks. He is known as the most powerful dragon slayer and the Black Dragon of the Apocolypse. As a dragon his roar is capable of destroying massively large areas leaving nothing left. While in human form he has extreme strength. Shown when he killed God Serena with his bare hand, ripping through his stomach killing him almost instantly. He also has blinding speed able to strike down opponents before anyone knows what happened. Acnologia is also immune to any form of being controlled. Acnologia has tremendous magic power. August mentioned that even Zeref, the immortal black mage of death, could only face him with the Fairy Heart's power. Zeref stated that Acnologia is still waiting for someone to give him a true, challenging fight and that he could rule the world with his power if he desired.
Through all of my looking around and stuff. I personally believe that Acnologia would annihilate Ten-Tails. Comment and tell me what your views on in this. Thanks
acnologia, even im a die hard naruto fan, because ten tails power is raw and unfocused and less efficient, so not effective used, on the other hand acnologia Power is focused and used efficiently and he can fly,
yeah it would. @Straightshooter I wonder what acnologia could do in human form. he would definately he would be faster and more agile with his decrease of size
lol but both would be big if's lol
that is true @Straightshooter
Actually he can in tree form IF acnologia would give him a chance but I do see what you mean @AhriLol64
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