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Despite the title implying otherwise, Final Fantasy has spread over two decades and over a dozen stories. The plot and characters and even settings change between games, but there are always commonalities between them all.
There are the summons, many of which make appearances all over the series. There is materia in more than one. There are lots of giant swords.
There are also some enemies that have turned up in nearly every game since the inception of the series.
One of those enemies is Behemoth, and a handy youtube video from ♥RinoaMoogleGames has compiled the evolution of this enemy, across time and console generations.
Here are the first 5 iterations of Behemoth, starting with FFII in 1988 and ending with FFVI (my personal favorite) in 1994. You can see the way the art evolves and becomes more distinct with every new game.
I separated the games into the first five and last 9 because at FFVII, the medium changed, the graphics improved, and it moved from 2D pixels into 3D polygons.

Here's after the series went 3D, starting with FF7 in 1997.

The Behemoth has taken on size and shape in these iterations, and only gets more and more defined as time goes on, all the way up to the XV demo footage released last year.
I don't know why, but seeing the way this thing has evolved and taken on shape and form over time gets me excited for XV. I haven't really played a Final Fantasy game in a while, except for a copy of the GBA VI on an emulator.
I'm getting excited about XV for all the goodness it looks like it contains, and the beautiful rendering of what we've seen so far. It feels nice to get excited about Final Fantasy again.
If you want to check out he original video, here it is. The channel also has the evolutions of Shiva and Malboro, if you're interested.
I always loved Shiva, I can not wait until you do a card on that one. Also this card is pretty cool because you also see how much graphics changed. Just looking at 7 made me cry because I want a update lol. I love Tifa and Cloud. Wait! Barrett, Vincent and XVII!
I love what the Behemoth has turned into. My favorite, so far, is 13's. Well, the Humbaba sort, anyway. They were kinda bastardly, though. Once their health is under 50%, they stand up, completely heal, add buffs, and becomes much stronger. Can provide a challenge, for sure. The one in 15 looks amazing, though! It's beautiful! I'll have to bookmark these videos, so I can watch all of them later. I had to watch the Shiva one, though. My favorite is the one from 10. That's also my favorite summon system. The sisters from 13 are definitely gorgeous, but something about watching Snow sit on them makes me a little weirded out. Lol. @Animaniafreak You catch monsters in 10 for an extra challenge in the monster arena, and to get some legendary weapons. Also, in 13-2, you can catch them and use them in your party.
the behemoth was always one of the coolest enemies in final fantasy it just looks menacing
By the way, I strangely love the BGM from FF2 and FF3, the midi tunes sound so fun! And I didn't know you can catch monsters in FF5! (Gasp) It's like Pokemon infused final fantasy!
the behemoth looks cute harmless in FF2 (I'm sure it's not when u try to beat it) and now it looks like mutant hyena with rabies.