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"I don't care about it, I don't care about you and I don't fucking care about what you do I just want you to leave me alone and never call me again. I just want to live a life and never have to worry about anything do you understand???? JUST FUCK OFF, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" Time is golden....... and that gold has turned to sand.
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@UnnieCakesAli ..I don't know what to say... (:'\)
2 years ago·Reply
@luna1171 oh well trust me it's not that bad. You will find out what happened soon
2 years ago·Reply
@UnnieCakesAli I kind of know what's going on but don't want to say anything.. I am just going to wait..
2 years ago·Reply
oh no!!!!! Now i want more
2 years ago·Reply
wtf ?? is going on
2 years ago·Reply