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Within the coming weeks, practices for his upcoming musical will begin again. He normally would use the penthouse and finds himself in his car, automatically headed there. As he pulls into the parking garage he remembers his penthouse in occupied. Since he is already here, he calls up to security to check on the past week.
Joon-woo shut his cell phone as he looks over at Do-yun, “Well, what would you have told him? We only have suspicions, she obviously isn’t telling anyone.”
Do-yun looks back at the security monitor, relocates the small figure sitting in a ball in the corner of the couch with the lights off. “Something is definitely going on,” he comments, more to himself than Joon-woo.
Sitting in the dark is the only privacy you have these days. You know the security guys can see you, the cameras have night vision. Unless they zoom in and you turn your head, they can’t see the tears rolling down your cheeks or the slight shake in your shoulders. You’re trying to calm down, you really are. You keep reminding yourself that you’re safe, even at work; but it doesn’t feel like it anymore.
The door beeps, signaling someone entering the apartment. As the lights turn on you quickly hide your face. You wondered how long it would take before one of the security guards called or came in to find out why you’ve been curled in a ball, in the corner of the couch, for the last 2 hours. Nothing is said and whoever it is moves silently. For a moment your fear takes over and you wonder if your stalker has kept his promise and found you. How will it end at his hand? Will he just kill you right off? Will he torment and torture you? Do you even care anymore? God you just want it to end, you want to be normal. Why aren’t you?
The paper crumpled in your fist is being pulled free. Korean that you don’t understand, but doesn’t sound nice is being harshly spoken off to your right. The door beeps again, and this time you can hear multiple footsteps, they aren’t even trying to not disturb you. You can hear a conversation and a phone call but it still doesn’t matter. They don’t know you, they are actually hired to protect Junsu’s family, while you are simply an added burden.
The couch in front of your legs depresses,; you still haven’t acknowledged that anyone is in the room with you. Joon-woo reaches over and gently pulls your face out of its hiding place.
“Look at me,” he commands, you open dead eyes and he swears. He holds up the crumpled paper in front of your face, “When? When did you get this? Here or at work?” You just stare at him blankly and then look back over at the wall you’d been studying for the last two hours.
The door beeps again, you had no idea you were staying in Grand Central Station. More Korean you don’t understand is exchanged and Joon-woo is suddenly replaced on the couch by Junsu. He keeps looking between you and the crumpled paper he now holds. You don’t want to be examined, you have decisions to make and being stared at by three men isn’t helping. You’d left the lights off hoping to avoid all of this; maybe you should have just come in and gone straight to bed. That sounded like a great idea at the moment.
You take a deep breath, wipe the tears off your face, and stand up from the couch. “Excuse me,” you mutter to no one in particular, hoping they will move out of your way and you can disappear into the bathroom. You just kind of stand there like a corpse, waiting for one of them to move out of your way. You can see Do-yun reach out to turn you towards him but then his arm falls to his side and he steps out of your way.
You can’t stay hidden in the bathroom forever, but it would be great if you could. You figure the longer you hide the better chance that they will leave. They have a job right? You decide a bath is your best cover and turn the water on as hot as it goes. When you step in it is hotter than you expect but you’re past caring. Maybe if you’re damaged goods your stalker will find someone else to torment. You don’t even want to listen to music, you’re just sort of numb; so you just lay there trying to figure out what to do with your life. When a knock comes on the bathroom door, it startles you enough that water spills out onto the floor. You sit up and pull your towel onto the floor to soak it up. The knock comes again and you just stare at the door.
“If you don’t answer and tell us you’re okay we will come in and check for ourselves.”
Seriously? You let out a very unlady like snort and submerge yourself again in the now tepid water. You assume whoever it was heard you, no one comes in and you are left to yourself until the water turns cold.
The apartment is silent when you finally emerge from the bathroom. You were afraid there would be someone camped out in the bedroom waiting. You are very relieved that there isn’t. You turn on the camera, climb into bed, and wait for sleep to make you blissfully unaware of reality.
The nightmares wake you around 3 am. You sit up, cold, terrified, and breathing hard. You push your hair out of your face and hug your knees to your chest. How many months has it been since your last nightmare? You look towards the nightstand and remember that all your pills are on the counter in the kitchen. You pull a throw blanket off the chair to wrap around you and go in search of medication.
You see a movement out of the corner of your eye and you almost scream out. You quickly turn with a deer in the headlights look and find Junsu standing there with a cup of coffee. He has on comfy dance pants, his eye glasses, and what looks like a just thrown on button up shirt. You close your eyes and try to calm your heart. He looks over at the counter, comes forward, fills you a glass of water and gives you your pills after reading the bottle. He puts his coffee down, takes your water in one hand, your hand in the other and leads you over to the couch. Once he sets you down, he hands you the water and heads back for his coffee.
You can see a laptop open on the table. You’ve disturbed his work with your nightmares. You sigh and wrap the blanket tighter around yourself. You expect him to return to the table and his laptop; instead he sits down behind you and very carefully pulls you back against his chest. Neither of you say a word, you have no idea why he is even there, or why he is comforting you. After a bit your chills subside and your heart slows down. You turn your head so that your cheek rests on his chest and you can listen to his heartbeat. Without realizing it, feeling warm and safe; you fall back to sleep within minutes.
I feel like I missed something huge here but can't quite put my finger on it.....
awwwww so cute but what did the paper say, where she get it from ? the suspense is killing me
Yeah..... I feel the same way Faith does. Like something is missing or I missed something. However the way that Junsu is comforting her really made me smile.