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It's technically possible...

Marvel owns the rights to the Star Wars comics, Stan Lee kinda sorta said it would be cool (which is basically a blessing from the godfather... wait what?!). Let's see what would happen... aside from Chris Pratt in Princess Leia buns ^^^

... thanks Deadpool.

In all seriousness though, would you like to see the two universes in a crossover? Maybe Iron Man could have an adventure in a galaxy far far away...
iron man with a lightsaber or luke with captain Americas shield yes please
Guardians of the Galaxy is sorta like a tad bit of Star Warsy. At least to me, lol.
if it were to happen I see Darth Vader showing Dr Doom the ways of the dark side馃槇, and Dr doom giving darth vader some death star improvements 馃敤馃敡
@shannonl5 they can totally do it. it needs to be done!!!!
@shannonl5 that would also be amazing
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