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What if Marvel mashed up with Star Wars?

It's technically possible...

Marvel owns the rights to the Star Wars comics, Stan Lee kinda sorta said it would be cool (which is basically a blessing from the godfather... wait what?!). Let's see what would happen... aside from Chris Pratt in Princess Leia buns ^^^

... thanks Deadpool.

In all seriousness though, would you like to see the two universes in a crossover? Maybe Iron Man could have an adventure in a galaxy far far away...
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@shannonl5 that would also be amazing
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@shannonl5 they can totally do it. it needs to be done!!!!
2 years agoReply
Guardians of the Galaxy is sorta like a tad bit of Star Warsy. At least to me, lol.
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if it were to happen I see Darth Vader showing Dr Doom the ways of the dark side馃槇, and Dr doom giving darth vader some death star improvements 馃敤馃敡
2 years agoReply
@kuzuri96 true there were a few similarities... they just needed some cantina music on their soundtrack ^_^ @jevonlowery lol that would be a terrifying duo
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