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I've got something here for you....
but promise you won't like the gift more than me, okay
Okay you promise? because I got you....


He's quite a nice gift right??
He's funny
and cute...I hope you like him
because he's all yours ~(^.^)~
Hey.....but don't fall for his spell to hard
You did say you were mine after all
But I guess we can share ~(^.^)~
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Oh my, GD honey, we've talked about this before... you know how dangerous it is just going around, giving your members away. Did you clear this with TOP first? Oi... Just don't go giving yourself away, ok? Cause you're mine. Just remember that you are MINE!
2 years ago·Reply
That was so much fun! Lol!!
2 years ago·Reply
yes, please share, I'm good sharing.
2 years ago·Reply
u r trying to kill me... I see u try very hard... and yes u did it girl!!!!..pls kill me more😘😘😘😘
2 years ago·Reply
Omg I'll love to have you both lol
2 years ago·Reply