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Gintama fans are in for a special treat as a cafe in Ikebukuro is re-working its image and re-opening as Yorozuya, the we do everything office from the Gintama manga. While this cafe wont be able to help you with all your life problems, they will be able to satisfy your need to eat, dine and be merry surrounded by Gintama characters and decor. This special theme cafe will finally make a Yorozuya store a reality and you only have to wait until this August. Cafe and Bar Characro is a drinking, dining and entertainment establishment which was opened in October 2013 by Namco and features character collaboration themes that any anime fan can enjoy. Coming this August, the cafe will become Cafe and Bar Characro feat. Gintama. They will change all the decorations and staff attire to represent the Yorozuya, the we do everything store from the Gintama manga. gintama 1 As the story goes, the Yorozuya is run by Gintoki Sakata who does all sorts of odd jobs in order to earn enough money to pay his monthly rent. He is joined on his wacky adventures by his partners, the teenager Shinpachi Shimura, an Amanto from the Yato tribe named Kagura and of course, a giant dog. In real life, the themed cafe will be given a makeover to achieve the atmosphere of the Yorozuya office while also offering Gintama inspired drinks, dishes and merchandise at this one of a kind cafe. Diners can order one of 10 themed drinks like a drink inspired by Kagura, which comes with a small umbrella and blueberries representing her signature buns. If you are looking to eat, you can also try a dish inspired by Gintoki, the Gin-sans uji gintoki don parfait, which in the manga is a bowl of white rice with a massive heap of very sweet red-bean topping. Dont worry though, you will be getting a traditional Japanese parfait at the Gintama cafe. ▼ Drinks inspired by the manga gintama 8 ▼ The three main characters as drinks. From the left is umbrella-wielding Kagura, sweets loving Gintoki, and always in 8th, Shinpachi gintama 12 ▼ Cant forget the food! The parfait in front is Gin-sans uji gintoki don parfait gintama 5 No theme cafe is complete without special limited edition merchandise. The Gintama cafe will offer unique character goods featuring a number of our favorite characters. Only three of them have been revealed so far, but other popular characters from the series will definitely make an appearance.
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Japan has everything...we just aren't cool enough
You have to figure though, to Japan a lot of other countries things are Cool. So it's really a culture and country envy thing. lol @SeoInHan Both sides of the fence, as it were.
@Kirik WHAT? Gintoki's special is fantastic. Now Toshi on the other hand... *shivers* Goodness, that Mayo though. lol
@Danse I wouldn't leave that bathroom!! I wish we could get a vingle, paid!!! Leave for support and expansion of the app, to Japan!! I would truly enjoy some Gintoki action as well as anything Gintama related. I wanna start something huge anime themes in the states!! We need more anime relations and Gin-San cannot be left out!!
I need to find the site where it shows all the different places that Gintama is plastered all over in Japan. They even have this hilarious one with the bathroom covered in scenes from the manga. I'll have to search my bookmarks and see if I have it saved somewhere. :D I'd totally go anywhere if it had a Gintama theme, bathrooms included! LMAO @LuffyNewman
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