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This is sweet!! I really wanna start a new job and create an "Odd Jobs" business like Gintoki does and truly be free and sliding by but still able to enjoy life!! What do you think about starting our own "Odd Jobs" @danse Follow the new Gintama community!!
@Danse def do keep me posted NAKAMA!! Haha well your making me jealous now, I would love for a job like Gin-San and able to have that style of life!! That's awesome nakama. I'll have to start referring to you as Yorozuya as well!! Haha well you and me both have had to many careers it seems, I think if you stick with "white devil" antics you will def be in good or Odd hands then!!
This is awesome! I have a Gintama Cosplay card drafted but I haven't completed it fully yet. I'll be sure to tag you when I do! :D Thanks for sharing! *rubs chin* I'm already an Odd Jobs person, which is why my friends call me Yorozuya. lol I've had so many different careers it's a bit ridiculous. xD @LuffyNewman