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Id like to start out by saying this is not my edit But it is currently my wallpaper. Yesterday was probably the worst day of my life. I have always tried to be strong on my own but i really wanted to give up. Instead i decided to listen to music to help cheer me up and these lyrics helped me the most, it gave me motivation to not give up. I hope you guys have found strength and motivation through your favorite groups music. Kpop to me was the best therapy and will go on my 77743383 reasons why Kpop means so much to me. ~~<3
I absolutely love this song, I think it shows off Suga's talents amazingly and has so much meaning and motivation. awesome wallpaper. I think kpop saved my life when I was deep into my depression so I can empathize with you on it being therapeutic as well.
I love this song too this one and Coup detat are my two motivation song and shake the world
Completely agree with you Kpop seriously helped me through my toughest days
Its really the best. :) @merryjayne13
I think so too, you can tell how much feeling he put into the song. Knowing how he was able to push through his hard time really made me think about my life in a positive way. Im really glad it helped you too. :) @TheEnlightment