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So I was scrolling through videos on YouTube and I found this little gem here. Monsta X: try not to fangirl/-boy challenge made by youtuber : Eva Mila
and I have to say.... I lost in the first few minutes. seriously though the father son combo killed me! well if we're gonna be completely honest I lost when Jooheon was singing into the camera, but it was Shownu and Jooheon being dorky was just to much to handle.
*videos belong to their rightful owners. *challenge video belongs to the owner Eva Mila I just wanted to share was all. BTW: can we all agree the chair dance/basically lap dance is just WHOA.
@JohnEvans I couldn't go through that either. lol I swear he's so cute. πŸ˜… @JaxomB I didn't know that existed either, I was so surprised. I fangirled so hard when I saw it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I completly lost it at Round 6 as soon as I saw I.M XD
That last clip with the chairs.....hadn't see it before. Oh my!