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Season 1 was not enough.

Thankfully we have fan videos like this one to keep us occupied. I'm hoping they'll announce the release date of season 2 soon!
Song: Gasoline by Halsey
Vidder: Reader Skeeter
Spoilers: Yes!!!
@MyAffairWith definitely! The way the season ended, I think the actress herself said it felt very much like "okay.... now what?" Like how do you move on after closure like that? @annamolly I don't think they've announced a date yet but it'll probably be in November just like JJ was... too far away if you ask me! I'm excited for Daredevil but I think I'm more interested in Luke Cage since we didn't really get his perspective and I kind of fell in love with his character from like... his first scene XD
@shannonl5 that's true. I can't wait for the next season!! >_<
The suspense is killing me, too! And Luke Cage...when does it hit Netflix? I'm itching to see if they fill in the Jessica Jones gaps and maybe show his perspective of their relationship.
I want more of it too. I would love to see Jessica after getting rid of this guy. Her living a normal life or well as close to normal as possible.