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A while back North Korea announced to world that they are developing H-Bombs, powerful hydrogen bombs more destructive than an atomic bomb. In response to that, the U.S. said:
"Sure k thx whatever." And decided to not listen to the threats.

The UN was a little more serious, and decided to propose a few sanctions on N. Korea.

What does the sanction do? Well, it's considered one of the strictest sanctions impose on North Korea in over 20 years. All cargo going in and out of the country will be inspected. And more than 16 people and 12 organisations have been blacklisted. China had a thing or two contribute to the sanctions, prohibiting any nation from providing training to North Korean nationals in fields like: missile and nuclear programs.
But just hours after the sanctions were passed, North Korea got really upset.
North Korea decides to throw a tantrum. And here's how that went...

They fired short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan.

Also: "North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered nuclear weapons to be readied for use, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Thursday, citing the official North Korean state news agency." According to a recent report by USA Today.

Is is just me or is North Korea being a little sassy? Do you think they will bomb or just continue with threats?

Really sad with this situation. be a man. don't just throw a tantrum there.. sometimes people don't take a lesson from history
Just throwing tantrums. They are just making cases worse for themselves.
America should care, but this year in which we live in a "IDGAF" era, it's disturbing to even know if America is likely to care.
@SeveningCluck exactly, because they are so big in the U.S. economy and can have a hug influence. I found it interesting that China got involved with the UN though on the sanctions. that's a big deal!
@nicolejb The target of US is China, which has been backing NK for the last several decades.
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