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so i was jist scrolling down my Facebook feed and...literally I have no friends so I don't really see any posts or any of but BUT I have all kpop and drama related stuff liked so all my feed is kpop and kdrama stuff and then BOOM! I see a big bang video so I click on it and.... it was HILARIOUS! I dont know how to share the link from Facebook to vingle so I jist took a few screenshots for u guys I'm pretty sure some of you have already seem this video but it was my 1st time seeing it so I just had to share it for those that still haven't seen it either


Real lyrics

How Gdragon Oppa Managed To Sing The Rest Of The Lyrics Without Letting The Fans Know He Messed Up

Hooray for the sausage song! Infinite sausages for everyone! haha hope you guys enjoyed!

also... i will be posting another card in a bit about the boyband SS501/ 301 so if you are a triple S tell me in the comments section so i can tag you ヽ(^。^)丿
https://youtu.be/Xb3rIaOOMr8 I'll just leave this here
@TheEnlightment hahah *slides in link secretly*
@CallMeMsDragon omggg frr he is just amazing and besides that he made it super funny 😂
@TheEnlightment aweee thanksss! ill try to watch it! i bet it is really funny nd i love how the members just be them selves even though there is a camera
@JackieG1617 totally worth the time to watch
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