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Okay, okay, I can hear you yelling at me. But I just had to write a card about this game being announced. Mostly because I can't believe that it actually exists. It's kind of ridiculous that the only time that Sonic is relevant is when his PR people do something insane (like give dating advice) or when he competes against Mario in the Olympics.
This is going to be a pretty short card because I hardly care about this game. But I couldn't stop taking screenshots of Sonic. Look at him.
Look at that desperate look he has in his eyes (or is it one eye?). It's obvious that he's only doing this for the money. Right? That's got to be the reason. And just, like, logistically, Sonic should be able to beat anyone at any physical challenge. Especially against someone like Mario, right?
But I guess Sonic is willing to take a dive in order for that paycheck... I don't blame him.
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games comes out whenever, I guess. Who's actually playing this?
@paulisadroid I think you bear a startling resemblance to Sanic
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@paulisadroid all you need after that is to get some KNOCKLES
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