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After you watch this video, it's a wonder why law enforcement is still scratching their heads, oblivious as to why people, like you and me, are so terrified by the police!

What happened:

Andrew Thomas inadvertently flipped his vehicle when it hit the median. A woman was ejected from the moving vehicle and died at the scene. Former Paradise, CA officer, Patrick Feaster, arrived on the scene first. Instead of rescuing man and woman, he left the woman to bleed out on the side of the road and immediately shot Thomas as he tried to free himself from the mangled wreckage. Feaster called for backup claiming, "the man refuses to get out [of the car]."
Per business as usual in police-related injustice, the Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, initially cleared Feaster of wrongdoing.
However, and probably with much reluctance, Feaster was later charged with "involuntary manslaughter," which carries a maximum penalty of a five year prison sentence, because Thomas died three weeks later after Feaster's bullet paralyzed the man and he succumbed to mortal complications as a result of the bullet wound. Besides Feaster's bullet to the spine, Thomas sustained no injuries from the vehicular crash.
No trial date has been set as of yet.
After reading this story on KRCRTV and watching the video, I think I need to throw up.

May Feaster rot in Hell!

I couldn't watch the video all the way :( this is so scary
I'm astonished I didn't find this anywhere else... @marshalledgar
It's beyond terrifying @nicolejb :( And so sad.
what do you mean @nicolejb? it was on CNN and and elsewhere