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One of the games I've been interested in ever since it was announced was Pokken Tournament. I absolutely love playing fighting games -- I don't really have any allegiance to any title in particular -- and when I first saw Pokken Tournament I wished I had more money so I could fly to Japan just to try it out (something one of my friends actually did).
So when there was more information about the game during Nintendo Direct earlier today, I nearly lost my mind. Before today I haven't really seen any footage from the game so seeing it in action was a blast. It definitely looks like a game I'd find myself getting wrapped up in and I can't wait until it comes out.
I left the release date for you guys below. Which is a lot sooner than I thought it would come stateside. I always have the lowest hope for fighting games to come to the West when they aren't titled Street Fighter (Tekken 7 where you at?) so to see that Pokken Tournament will be on store shelves in a couple of weeks has me excited.
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@paulisadroid catch these pokehands, bruh