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I recently came across a really interesting French prank video (and yeah I spend a lot of time watching French prank videos. lol jk). Two men go up and down the escalator, stroking mens hands as they go by. Some men laugh it off, or seem very confused. But the large majority are angry, and aggressive. I brought this to my friend's attention, and it really brought up an interesting conversation.

How would this look in other countries? How would it look if it was a woman instead?

Watch the video and tell me what you think.
I'm not sure what they are saying to the others (translate @AlloBaber?) but it seemed mostly mean.
Let's get something straight: touching people in public is not ok. Touching someone without their consent is not ok. But that being said, it happens all the time.

If this had been the same in the U.S. I think a lot of men would've acted the same? Agreesive, angry, threatening?

If it had been a woman doing the same thing, (like the last scene in the video), the man would not feel threatened or upset?
How do you think you would react if someone did this to you?
I would make an orgasms face and start moaning.
@mrsmith Yes, I do Judo and Dance and have no problem with people touching me, but even me would be upset if some one did that, even if they where someone I was attracted to! there are better ways... I think they really provoking a reaction in this video, straight eye contact and sticking his tong out, it's real school yard stuff 5 year olds learn not to do!
lol I think France is a very macho place to start with, but then where isn't? But I think a lot about the context, I think its done like an abusive sexual advance, if it were a man stroking women's hands. but yes they could have mixed it up a bit would be interesting to see with different mixes,
@Bobs Yeah when they explained it all it's really funny!! I think so too, an extra wink is just SO infuriating @danidee haha
Bahahahaha, I think the prolonged eye contact is probably what's adding all the extra aggression.
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