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Emojis Are Not Made The Same

Not all devices are alike.

Apple, Android, and Windows, to name a few, are very different operating systems and that key difference also makes for very different variations of emojis.
The most popularized Unicode Consortium, or the body that selects which emojis will make their public debut, is the Apple version. They are used in marketing campaigns, commercials, apps, texting, food delivery, etc. However operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, etc. don't always have the same variations of emojis that the general public is accustomed to. This leads to an ultimate dilemma, emojis are basically a language all their own and somehow they are getting lost in digital translation.
Thanks to Yahoo tech, a comprised list of varied emojis from device to device:

1. Woman With Bunny Ears

You may recognize this emoji normally as the Bunny twins, tap-dancing girls, showgirls, or any of the other various nicknames. However when you transfer over to Android, you'll be in a surprise that the emoji becomes a yellow gumdrop looking face with a brown wig and bunny ears. The dynamic duo is no longer, which probably leads to some confusion at Halloween for Android users who are curious as to when there was an emoji of two Woman With Bunny Ears.

2. Colored Hearts

This one is all about design. Apple keeps the hearts very uniform, vibrantly colored, and as basic as can be. For Android, the emojis hold a lot more meaning while also being somewhat cheesy. There is practically no color variation and I don't even know what to think about the fuzzy heart. Emojis are supposed to be playful and I think Android really missed the boat on this one.

3. Watch

Obviously iOS looks classier but I am definitely a bigger fan of Android for some reason. I think sometimes less is more and I think it translates well in this instance. After all, a watch is a universal symbol so it's really hard to mess that up between devices. If anything, the emojis from device to device just show a different kind of watch that is solely exclusive to it's own device which seems cool in this example.

4. Eggplant

You know exactly what this means if it's sent in iMessage. And you know exactly how hilarious this emoji can be because let's be honest, there is really no everyday use for an eggplant so you might as well spice it up a bit if you know what I'm aiming at. Now as for Android, it's a poor example of an eggplant to begin with but there is no way that it'd ever be used for alternative purposes within messaging. Just no way.

5. Slice of Pizza

Okay Android wins on this one. The iOS version looks like a horribly designed emoji that is trying way too hard to be life-like. I appreciate the pic-art look of Android's emoji in this comparison. However, Dominos Pizza is using the iOS emoji in their brand as you can order a pizza now just sending that emoji. After all, that's pretty clever but the pizza emoji could get a generic facelift.

6. Rowboat

This is a BIG difference. iOS looks certainly more appropriate and attractive on an interface. The Android immediately signals a date instance which could be totally misconstrued. Also Android needs to keep up with the times as emojis no longer have one option -- with LGBT and racial skin tones being introduced, their emojis need to be updated. Emojis are great because they include everyone and the rowboat needs the same.

7. Glowing Heart

Either way, they both accurately depict what you're trying to show. Personally I like the iOS version more however the Android heart isn't horrible. A heart is a heart no matter how you dress it up. Good work to both.

8. Pistol/Gun

Windows is the only operating system that doesn't include a gun that looks like iOS. Instead they've opted for a less serious space gun that could easily be more appropriate for Star Trek than anything else. With weapon emojis being taken more and more serious in the media, Windows will have to figure out how to not cause any trouble for its users who may be using their version of the gun emoji playfully while it will be translated into a more serious message.

9. Love Hotel

Well to be honest, I've thought the 'H' on iOS stood for hospital and the heart symboled health. Apparently that's the exact opposite of what it meant. Windows does a much better job at representing this but they are both confusing. It wouldn't have killed them to spell out "hotel" on the building, you know.

10. Mobile Phone

We get it, you love your own phone.

11. Donut

Hmmm these are all very stereotypical of the interface they appear on. To be honest, Windows looks the least like a donut and I personally am not a fan. Android does a pretty good job and iOS is the most life like. I guess this one boils down to pure preference but it should be understood between each device fairly easily. I guess Windows doesn't like chocolate frosting.

12. Alien Monster

Well these have very different connotations from the get-go. For iOS, most believe this emoji is a representation of an arcade game that you use with a joystick. For Android, however, it's actually alien monster that looks like an evil version of Pearl from Finding Nemo creepily ready to say "Awww you guys made me ink muhahahahahha!". We have an alien emoji already in iOS, why do we need this one?

13. Tennis

Either way, they fit the bill and do a nice job at symbolizing. 10 for 10 on both.
oh and for lgbt and race 👬👭👮👲👳 this is what android has not much but still there
I have an android and mine don't look like that 🎾⛵🍆📱👯❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👽👾🍕🍩⌚
Wow. I wonder which Android phones have these emojis, because mine doesn't have any of the Android ones. The ones on my phone are different from the IOS ones, but more similar to them, compared to these odd Android ones. That heart with hairs on it, though... that's one I have never seen, and am glad my phone doesn't have! Lol. I suppose it also depends on where you're using them, too. When sending emojis that I make with punctuation through texts, they turn into little Android guys. But in something like Facebook, they look like smilies. There's a wiki page, I believe, that shows the difference between Apple, Andoid, Samsung, and Windows phone's emojis, and gives full explanations on each one.
Androids look like a 6 year old drew them....iOS is definitely more detailed as for facial features, and colors.😝😏❤️
What is that heart with the hairs on it even?? gross
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QUESTION 85 A company wants an application that meets the following requirements: Display the latest news about the company. Recommend leads to sales team members. You need to identify an application to meet the requirements. What should you recommend? A.Dynamics 365 Customer Service B.Linkedln Campaign Manager C.Dynamics 365 Sales Insights D.Linkedln Sales Navigator Answer: C QUESTION 86 A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales. You disqualify a lead. On a later date, the lead shows interest in buying a product that the company sells. You need to convert the lead to an opportunity and retain all available history. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Qualify the closed lead as an opportunity. B.Qualify the reactivated lead to an opportunity. C.Convert the copied lead to an opportunity. D.Use the Reactivate Lead functionality to reopen the lead. E.Create a copy of the lead with data from the original lead. Answer: AB QUESTION 87 Which three capabilities are included in Dynamics 365 Marketing? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Qualify leads B.Case management C.Dynamics 365 Connector for Linkedln D.Project quote management E.Event management Answer: ACE QUESTION 88 A company uses social media for marketing. The company wants to use out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Marketing functionality to streamline social media marketing. You need to determine the supported social media activities. Which action is supported? A.Gel notified when a company is mentioned. B.Schedule a post to be published in the future. C.Analyze the sentiment of posts about a company. D.Automatically follow another account when a specified condition is met Answer: B QUESTION 89 A company implements Dynamics 365 Customer Service for their support desk. Agents resolve issues based on their own personal experiences or they must try to recreate the problem. This is causing customer satisfaction issues as resolution time is longer than expected and not consistent. You need to implement a solution to improve consistency of answers and ensure that agents can share their answers. What should you implement? A.Service level agreements B.Customer Service Insights C.Power Automate to transfer cases D.Knowledge base management Answer: C QUESTION 90 A potential customer delays their decision to commit to a big multi-year contract. You want to find other colleagues who have interacted with the potential customer to discuss strategies. Which app should you recommend? A.Customer Service Insights B.Sales Insights C.Power Virtual Agents D.Market Insights Answer: B QUESTION 91 You are a consultant working with a company that sells sporting equipment. The company uses Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 Sales. You need to recommend tools that integrate with Dynamics 365 Sales and improve file collaboration. What three tools should you recommend? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Power BI B.SharePoint Online C.OneDrive for Business D.Microsoft Teams E.Power Automate Answer: BCD QUESTION 92 A company has a large number of technicians that work in the field. You need to ensure that Dynamics 365 Field Service can automatically schedule work to minimize travel time for technicians. What should you implement? A.Schedule board B.Unified routing for table records C.Universal Resource Scheduling D.Resource scheduling optimization Answer: D QUESTION 93 A company is using Dynamics 365 Customer Service for case management. The company must use entitlements to enforce limitations on customer ticket creation. You need to design the entitlement terms. Which two metrics should you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Number of hours B.Number of cases C.Initial response time D.Hours of service Answer: AB QUESTION 94 A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales with out-of-the-box forms. Users must view logged phone calls and meetings for contacts. Which feature includes phone calls and meetings? A.Timeline B.Contact information C.Controls D.Attachments Answer: A QUESTION 95 A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales. The company plans to use Linkedln Sales Navigator to increase sales productivity and assist salespersons in their daily duties. You need to identify potential decision makers for a sale. Which Linkedln Sales Navigator feature should you use? A.Related Leads B.Top Card C.Auto Capture Answer: A QUESTION 96 A company is working with a potential customer on a multi-year contract. The customer decides to delay their decision to commit to the contract. You want to find other colleagues who have interacted with the potential customer so that you can discuss strategies with the colleagues to close the deal with the customer. Which app should you recommend? A.Power Virtual Agents B.Sales Insights C.Customer Service Insights D.Market Insights Answer: B QUESTION 97 A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales. The company creates sales proposals as PDF documents. The company wants multiple users to access the latest version of a sales proposal in Dynamics 365 Sales. Many users do not have access to Dynamics 365 Sales. You need to recommend an app for the company. Which app should you recommend? A.Dynamics 365 Sales Insights B.Microsoft Excel C.Microsoft Outlook D.Microsoft Teams Answer: A QUESTION 98 Sales representatives need a view of all of their customers and the statistics that relate to these customers. You need to identify how to create visuals for sales representatives to analyze and compare the data for multiple accounts. What are three possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Create custom forms. B.Embed Power Bl reports in a system dashboard. C.Create charts. D.Create reports in the report wizard. E.Import Excel data. Answer: BCD QUESTION 99 A company uses Dynamics 365 Marketing. The company uses a third-party app to send email surveys to prospects to better understand their business needs. There is currently no link to prospect records and users report that the survey management process is manual and is difficult to manage. You need to automate the survey process and streamline collection and analysis of responses. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Use Customer Voice to compile results from the existing third-party app. B.Use Power Automate to automatically send Customer Voice surveys. C.Create a survey in Dynamics 365 Marketing and create a campaign to send it to out and collect data. D.Use Customer Voice to collect and analyze survey results. E.Create surveys in Dynamics 365 Marketing by using Questionnaire. Answer: DE QUESTION 100 Drag and Drop Question Dynamics 365 Customer Service has the following requirements: - Issues created on a website must be added to Dynamics 365 Customer Service. - A customer must be limited to opening no more than 10 issues a month. - Escalations must be organized into an area that ensures managers can view escalated issues. You need to identify the areas in the system that meet the requirements. Which area should you identify? To answer, drag the appropriate areas to the correct requirements. Each area may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 101 Hotspot Question A company uses Dynamics 365 Marketing. The company wants an automated solution to test two email designs before launching the entire email campaign. You need to recommend a solution for the company. What should you recommend? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 102 Hotspot Question An air-conditioning repair company uses Dynamics 365 Field Service, Customers and users report several issues. What should you use to resolve each issue? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 103 Hotspot Question A company uses Dynamics 365 Sales. The sales process must use products. You need to create the product catalog record type. Which record types should you create? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 104 Drag and Drop Question You use Dynamics 365 Customer Service. You plan to configure service-level agreements (SLAs) for cases. Which feature should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate features to the correct scenarios. Each feature may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Answer: QUESTION 105 Drag and Drop Question A company plans to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Dynamics 365 Customer Service uses terminology that is different than what the existing customer service solution uses. You need to create a glossary for employees. Match each item to its definition. To answer, drag the appropriate definition from the column on the left to its item on the right. Each item may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Each correct match is worth one point. 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User-Generated Content: Why It Is Important For Successful Marketing In 2022 In a rapidly growing world of the internet and technology, filling up every day with swarms of old, current and new users, the one thing that is persistently growing with it is the demand, competition and challenges for the providers of all the possible products and services to its users. While the need for marketing products is not new to the world and the marketing industry, the one thing that is definitely going on changing is the way of doing it. Newsletters, e-mails, promotional campaigns, pamphlets etc. are still the very active members of the marketing procedures, although, the new era of User-Generated Content has begun and spreading like the bees of a colony. The most basic definition of this particular term can be- “the content that is generated by the users”. However, the importance of it is not as basic as its simple definition. Its diversity is based in the diverse platforms from where it is generated. The internet today offering an endless variety of platforms to use for both the provider and the user creates the opportunity for its users to access and create content in many forms. The World Wide Web, social media, Google’s search engine, various web sites, virtual communities, etc. are many of all the sources where both the parties can communicate. User-Generated content has its own different types ranging from a professional review to something as easy as a comment on a social media post of a particular brand. While this content can also bring negative reviews towards the reputation of a brand, the positive and the most genuine reviews or any content can act like the sweet nectar produced by the bees. The question here arrives that why this type of content is needed today when the brands or the companies can authentically create content for its promotional purposes and activities? The answer to this lies in the immenseness of audience it brings along with it. In the year that we are living in, the most and the least famous of people and brands are all showcased on the internet where opinions of all and everyone is valued and affects the judgment of many. As important as it is for a brand to successfully build its name, it is as important for it to maintain the same for the world to see which in turn keeps its glory shining and using the user generated content can add brightness to this shine. Why is User-Generated Content important for successful marketing today? Gains trust of the consumers Marketing through the user-generated content helps gain a lot of trust for the brand as it shows the genuine aspect of the products or the services that the brand is offering. For example, when we decide to look through different brands to buy a particular product, we are more likely to purchase from a brand that is trusted by the most audience for its durability, price or quality. Hence, a product of a particular brand with more positive user-generated reviews is more likely to be purchased than the one that only showcases the brand-generated content that promotes the product. User-Generated Content is more likely to gain more audience As a common practice of sharing things that we post on the social media or other platforms with our friends and family, the content that we produce as users, reaches more people and as a result it helps in the promotion of the company. While one person doing the same might not make a big difference in the marketing for the brand that is already established, if multiple users follow the same process it would. On the other hand if the one person sharing has a huge following of himself, it might take the promotion of the brand to a next level. Saves money for the brands Other marketing procedures that offer promotion for the brands require a huge amount of money to be invested that can be saved through using the User-Generated content for the marketing process. A normal user including an authentic user who religiously follows the brand are more likely to offer free reviews or vlogs and would feel delighted to be featured by the brand itself. Works well with social commerce Everyone enjoys the ease of purchasing a product directly from the social channel on which they find it. User-Generated content influences the users and promotes the brand credibility and also works in harmony with social commerce. So while there are many more benefits that the UGC brings along with it, it completely depends upon the brand weather to use it or not. Some of the surveys and researches also suggest that there are different opinions, from the brands and the users, over the authenticity of UGC. However, in the year that we are living in UCG plays a vital role in the marketing industry considering its wider reach into the audience.
Why You Should Invest In A Good Quality Management Consulting?
It is no doubt to say that for a successful and long-running business, it is highly imperative that all the requirements, and set standards with the proper procedure should be followed without any inconsistencies and glitches. And this is exactly where in the role of a quality assurance consultant comes in. To define it in simple terms, quality assurance certification or management is generally referred to as the method and process used in preventing and altering the mistakes, defects, glitches, and inconsistencies in the manufactured product processing. It basically helps to smoothen and fasten the entire cycle of product development. With this whole process and terminology gaining so much momentum and popularity in today’s business working ethics, there is no dearth of good and efficient quality management consultants in Australia. If you still are using the traditional methods, it is high time that you give your business the right transformation at the right time for its right development and growth in the coming time. The Strict Need To Implement Quality Assurance & Management In Your Business · The basic role and agenda of any quality assurance service and certification are to make sure that there are no flaws and glitches in the process. It shall also be noted that quality assurance is an integral part of quality management and both the terms are highly interrelated. · As an integral and most important of the whole quality management concept, quality management consulting is basically implemented to provide the right kind of focus and confidence that all the quality requirements will be fulfilled as per the given set of norms and standards. · If you hire the services and solutions of good and well-established quality management consulting services such as the PQAS, you shall remain assured that you will get quality assurance which will be twofold; one is internal and the second external. · The internal assurance will be on the business, its standards, and requirements, set of rules, management, and more like this. While, the external assurance will be based on outer factors such as the government, agencies, your target clientele, certifiers, regulators, and other involved third parties. Therefore, if you and your business are really concerned about the type of products and services delivered and want to ensure its success in the market, then opting for quality management and quality assurance certification is a must need for the success and longevity of your business and returns. With the right quality assurance team on board, you can get the assurance that only the right product will be made by following all the stringent protocols and business standards and ethics. PQAS is one of ,the leading Quality Assurance consulting firms in Sydney Australia for 20 years. We help with maintaining the desired quality of the manufactured products and services. PQAS can help! Contact us today on 0414775872 or visit at