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For years I would lament the woes of being at an event and notice the audacity of being served pigs in a blanket. You know, mealy processed pork sausages in just-as-processed dough that came from a twist-and-break sealed tube from the refrigerated foods section!
But I may have to take back SOME of my disdain for the food. But only if it's served like this! Beautifully prepared cutlets of pork, nestled into a glamorous pillow of real yeast-risen dough! And of course--special secret sauce!
If your mouth is watering, then this is a terrific bite that you can serve during cocktail hour at your wedding (or special event).
Catering: 24 Carrots Catering
These look like guabao? (Chinese steam soft bun with pork, herbs and sauce) The only difference is that they serve with pork belly, but the buns look strikingly similar!
@Animaniafreak That's exactly what I was going to say! I love Chinese steamed buns, so this looks delicious! On a side note... I wouldn't serve pigs in a blanket for a wedding or special occasion, but having a 3 year old, it makes for a cheap, easy meal! Just get higher quality hot dogs.
glad you love what your seeing. o love to share ideas and inspiration @turtleyturtles
@marshalledgar Oh, I'm sure they are just delightful! I was talking about the usual, easy to make ones. As much as I like the idea of serving comfort foods at my wedding, I think we'll do an array of Asian foods. But since it will be semi-casual, I might do Asian themed comfort foods! Your cards are giving me some really good ideas. I'm glad I have a long time to decide!
Trust me, @TurtleyTurtles, I know what you mean about serving this at a wedding. Seems declasse, for sure. But when done right, it's not bad. I was at a wedding in Lexington, which was really superbly done. They had these, among other comfort foods, that was delicious.
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