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Death battle Superman vs. Natsu!!! Who would win?

I'm asking this because people usually put superman up against goku buti wanna know how people think he'll fair against another manga character.
@MalcolmAllen it's his and gajeel's major weakness that has effected lots of their major fights
cmon as much as I love natsu superman would kick his ass its no contest and I hate DC so I ain't being biased here
@Baoyi lol I get what you're saying because Superman's weakness is magic..but I still do believe that superman would whoop natsu ass though
@SergioDonaldson since when do superman become god? ice breath? GRAY has that but Natsu still can melt em. Question is can superman take in a dragon. and we're not talking about the ones in Dragontale
Any of these fights VS Superman, Superman will win.
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