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You stare wide eyed at his matching Buddha necklace. Your eyes make their way up to his, “But, you’ve only known me a week…what?” You’re awed, excited, confused, and giddy all at once. He pulls you close to his body, “Some things hearts and heads agree on, you are one, it took just one look.” He fits you up against him in a breath stealing hug and you realize just how perfectly you fit together. You fit right below his chin and on instinct you turn your head and kiss his neck. He kisses the top of your head and squeezes you harder in response. After a few minutes, he lets you go with, “Club should be open, ready?” “Club? You’re taking my clubbing?” He smiles, “Sort of. All week you’ve wanted to dance, tonight we do.” He was paying that close of attention? Like everyone else on the set, you figured once he was up doing his job, his focus was there and only there. Interesting. The club is dark, loud, packed, and more fun than you’ve had in forever. If you look closely you can pick out other idols in the crowd. Wooyoung and Jun.k are already there. They come over to dance, hang, and party with the two of you. Jinny and some other girls are draped all over and around them. A few try to latch on to Junho but you’re pretty sure the look you gave them, directly in their face did the trick. If not, how close he pulled you during the slow songs should have. By the time you leave around one in the morning, you are a hot, happy mess. Walking outside does little to cool you or your skin off. It doesn’t help that Junho’s shirt has come almost completely unbuttoned. You aren’t sure whether it just sort of happened while the two of you danced or if your hands had helped of their own accord. Either way, your eyes aren’t listening to your brain and keep straying over to his perfectly sculpted chest and abs. Oh yum, your eyes say, your hands want to touch, and your mouth wants to bite. You stop in the middle of the sidewalk with your eyes squeezed shut trying to get your body back under control. He’s walked back and is standing right in front of you. You don’t even have to open your eyes, a scent that is uniquely him has entered your space. Your hand comes up to play with your necklace, moving the Buddha around and pulling it up to your mouth. One hand gently puts the necklace back where it belongs while his other thumb takes its place rubbing across your bottom lip. That hand moves to the back of your head while the other pulls your lower body closer and his mouth crushes down on yours. You thought you were hot before; you’ve now burst into flames and have no hope of coming out of this embrace in one piece. His tongue is requesting access to your mouth and without a thought you give it. The sound of clicking makes its way to your brain. He hears it at the same time and pulls your head down and against his chest. You feel him tense and swear. “Keep your head down,” he whispers in your ear. He puts his arm up to shield your face as he moves you towards his car. Once inside you bend over at the waist, head between your legs so that no one can get a clear picture. Junho slides behind the wheel and peels away from the curb. A couple of blocks down the road he reaches over and rubs your back. You look around as you sit up, talk about a mood buster. The only thing you are feeling right now is incredibly stupid with a gut wrenching guilt mixed in. Somehow you know this is going to be news, bad news. He leaves his arm on the edge of your seat, rubbing your arm occasionally. As he pulls up to your hotel, he goes to get out but you stop him. He turns with a question, than realizes what is happening by the look in your eyes. He shuts his eyes, his head falling back against the seat. “I’m sorry,” you begin. He stops you before you can say anything else, “Don’t…you have nothing to be sorry for.” He grabs your hand before you can get out of the car, “Jagi…don’t.” Thirty minutes ago you were on top of the world, now it feels like someone pulled the rug out from under you and you’re falling into a bottomless pit. Two tears escape, making their way down your cheeks. He stops them with his thumbs and draws your face in close for a sweet kiss. He rests his forehead against yours; “I’m sorry Jagi, I didn’t think, I lost control,” he smirks a little at his own comment. “I don’t seem to have any control around you.” He pulls back to look you in the face, “Nothing has changed between us.” He holds your Buddha up, “Nothing. Everything is fast now, not just my heart,” he kisses your Buddha and lets it fall back against your chest. He gets out of the car and comes around to help you out. He pulls you into a hug, kisses the top of your head, whispers goodnight and drives away.
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stupid paparazzi, can you imagine getting kissed by your bias and having it ruined by them and ur the most hated female in the world. sorry I had to vent