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Today is favorite MV day for the VIXX appreciation marathon!
Error is definitely my favorite because it's the first MV that really got me into VIXX. The style of the video and the song just captured my attention and they haven't disappointed me since.
These three videos are definitely very special as well
G.R.8.U is just super cute and I listen to it when I'm down, it always makes me smile
Chained Up is the first comeback video I was in the fandom for! So its special for that reason
Beautiful Liar is a gorgeous song and I relate to it very well. I love Leo's vocals in this song and Ravi's rapping is amazing and hearing it both together like that just makes me melt.
I was born ready for this day!
darn auto correct. Vixx
ahh chained up is my favorite at the moment 😟
love the video by Foxx. please tag me
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