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Once upon a time, you could keep a charge for more than 12 hours AND throw your cell against a wall AND compose your OWN ringtones, so you don't have to pay $2.99 to download your favorite theme song. (Did anyone else have a phone with a ringtone composer? That ish was downright ENTERTAINING.)
Speaking of, I'm actually getting a new cellphone within the next week or two. I have an iPhone 5 right now, but it is time to upgrade. I'm not necessarily sold on iPhones, but unless some other phone calls my attention, I'll probably just stick to iPhones because I know their interface well.

What phone do you guys use? Which one should I get?

One time I put my flip phone through the wash accidentally, and I could still use it after I dried it off a bit.
@seika469 @danidee @AlexanderBeta I also have the G4 and it is damn good. I'm a mechanic and if it can survive what I put it through, it has to be alright. Plus, its one of the last few phones you can add external storage to.
茂 have an lg g3 its pretty good
@Meeshell YEAH, That's how I feel too. I think using an iPhone is just EASIER for me. But then I get so tempted seeing all the other phones out there to just switch..
@seika469 @AlexanderBeta I've heard such mixed reviews about LG phones. Some people love them and some people really hate them.
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