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Once upon a time, you could keep a charge for more than 12 hours AND throw your cell against a wall AND compose your OWN ringtones, so you don't have to pay $2.99 to download your favorite theme song. (Did anyone else have a phone with a ringtone composer? That ish was downright ENTERTAINING.)
Speaking of, I'm actually getting a new cellphone within the next week or two. I have an iPhone 5 right now, but it is time to upgrade. I'm not necessarily sold on iPhones, but unless some other phone calls my attention, I'll probably just stick to iPhones because I know their interface well.

What phone do you guys use? Which one should I get?

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@seika469 @danidee @AlexanderBeta I also have the G4 and it is damn good. I'm a mechanic and if it can survive what I put it through, it has to be alright. Plus, its one of the last few phones you can add external storage to.
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@shagnasty360 @seika469 I like how big it is too. Sometimes someone will hand me their iPod, and I'll have to squint to see the icons, because the screen is so small compared to what I'm used to! 馃槅 And the external storage is EXTREMELY handy.
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@AlexanderBeta I know when I had a small phone it was so easy to use and see the icones but now that I have my lg which is much bigger it makes me blind to see anything on smaller phons
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@shagnasty360 HMMMM Maybe I'll check out the G4..
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s7 has been released recently so..
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